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Combating Human Trafficking

every child predator in Zambia will be hunted down and brought to justice


What is human trafficking?

Human Trafficking is defined as the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex. In some cases, individuals fall victim to organ harvest. These inhumane acts of violence are taking place worldwide and continuing to become more problematic. It is estimated that there are currently 27.6 million victims worldwide at any given time. Human traffickers are preying on people of all ages regardless of their geographical location.


As Archangel Group International (AGI) grows with the abundance of resources, we will work alongside Zambia Police, Zambian NGOs, and our U.S Counterparts, to rescue those who have been forced into human trafficking. This includes working alongside members of congress and the U.S Embassy in Zambia. 


With over 17 years of law enforcement experience, including working alongside federal agencies such as the ATF, HSI, and the FBI in both Memphis, TN and Decatur, AL, our founder has the needed training, certifications and outside resources to assist with this mission.


AGI has current knowledge where these locations of crimes are taking place. AGI will teach the officers methods of conducting surveillance, working undercover, and developing confidential informants to combat this crime. AGI will also bring individuals that have worked in ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) from the United States to assist with this mission. These are just a few of the strategies that will eventually lead to an individual being arrested or a criminal organization being dismantled. More importantly, people's lives will be saved.


Members of AGI understand the dangers involved with this activity and the importance of following Zambia’s laws. At no time will any member of AGI be directly involved with the arrest of any individual unless permission is granted by the government. Members may be involved as an overseer at the discretion of Zambia Police and the government. Once the victims are rescued, AGI will work with social workers to have them placed in a safe location.  

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