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Mission Statement

Archangel Group International exists to be the hands and feet of Jesus for the people of Africa. AGI provides needed resources and law enforcement training. The resources will be used to provide physical needs, eradicate poverty, and rescue orphans. The Law enforcement training will bring needed skills and leadership to the local police, so they may better serve their citizens and rescue those individuals who have fallen victim to human trafficking.

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Isaiah 6:8

Then I heard the voice of the Lord Saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

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Founder's Message
Jonathan Macklin

My name is Jonathan Macklin. My wife and I, Lindsey Macklin, are the founders of Archangel Group International a Non-Profit Corporation (AGI). AGI is a registered 501c3 (Public Charity) with the IRS (EIN-92-3114692) and currently operates in the Republic of Zambia. I am a longtime resident and a current police officer for the City of Decatur, Alabama. 

Dr. Douglas Sakuwaha and I recently founded the non-governmental organization called Archangel Group International/Zambia. This allows members from the United States to work in country under a work permit. Dr. Sakuwaha is a highly educated Zambian nationalist who speaks seven languages and is respected by the Zambian people. His skillset has helped us navigate through barriers including a multitude of languages and many cultural barriers that exist in the country.

As for AGI, its primary objective is to combat the poverty issues in the country. Many people do not have access to food, suitable housing, humanitarian aid, clean water, education, or health care. This has created situations where parents are sometimes forced to abandon their children in order to survive. These orphaned children are forced to be homeless in very dire conditions. AGI will utilize donated funds to provide much-needed projects, enhancing the overall quality of life. We will use a “family first” approach to bring families back together and find ways for them to be self-sufficient and self-sustaining for years to come.


During my recent trips to the region, I developed personal relationships with several high-ranking officials within the government of Zambia. One of the commanders for Zambia Police is now one of my board members for AGI/Zambia. He has been crucial with assisting AGI to get all of the necessary permits and permissions to operate in the country.

I have personally witnessed small children living on the street and begging others for food. I learned that this has resulted in many children becoming victims of human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation, organ harvesting, and slave labor.

With my background in law enforcement, the organization has been authorized to train law enforcement personnel in Zambia. These newly trained officers will work alongside our U.S. counterparts to rescue those individuals who have fallen victim to human trafficking. Our training will provide and empower officers to be more effective when addressing crime while at the same time, keeping the citizens they serve safer.


Our intention is to bring highly trained individuals from the United States to assist with the law enforcement training component of the organization. As you can imagine, this has been a daunting and complex process when obtaining these permissions. A process that was well worth the effort. Funds that are donated for this mission will be allocated to provide timely assistance to those in crisis and help save lives. We already have a working relationship with an NGO in Zambia that specializes in the aftercare and counseling for victimized children. 

In order for our mission to continue, we depend on the generosity and donations of businesses, churches, and individuals that believe in our cause. We appreciate any donations or support you may offer. If you would like to meet in person and learn more about me on a personal level and the mission of AGI, we would love to meet you. We want every donor to know that their contribution will be used wisely and go towards saving lives in Zambia. If you choose to be a part of what we are doing, your contribution will be tax deferable.

In closing, I would like to add that AGI will always represent God and the United States of America with honor. We will never support any organization or individual that supports terrorism, crimes of violence, disregard to the law, genocide, racism, any forms of discrimination, or seeks to infringe on the civil liberties of others. More importantly, refuses to stand in unity with our country.

 AGI will always strive to lead by example and bring honor to God and The United States of America. Our desire is to be used by God to answer someone’s prayer, be world renowned, and bring hope to a nation. More importantly, live by our motto by "Bringing the Light to the darkness". 

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P.O Box 425

Decatur Al 35601

(256) 565-8529 or (256) 606-9921

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