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Our Missions

Rescue Orphans 

AGI will work with the Government of Zambia's Police Services and Social Workers to rescue children that are homeless and living on the streets. Due to the financial struggles of the people, this has caused many adults to abandon their children to fend for themselves. The children are then forced to live on the street and potentially die a very young age due to malnutrition, be forced into human trafficking, become addicted to drugs, work for organizations that use violence against people, or want to overthrow a government.

AGI will work alongside social workers and vetted NGOs, to find temporary placement for the children rescued. AGI already has a working relationship with an NGO that is operated by some very educated Zambian women. These ladies are certified social workers and specialize in counseling.


AGI's ultimate goal is to see the child reunited with a family member. If a family member is located, we will work alongside and assist them with finding ways to be sustainable and a good provider for the child. In some cases, the child may have to be placed in a children's home until a foster family is found or an adoption can take place. 


Clean drinking water

There are many villages throughout Zambia that do not have access to clean water. This situation has caused multiple outbreaks of diseases amongst the communities and led to multiple deaths. This has been an on-going issue worldwide and it has put a strain on the World Health Organization. There are many rural areas in Zambia that are extremely poor. There are many struggles' people face daily to better their current situation. A drastic need in the villages is access to clean drinking water. This will require AGI to hire a company to dig a borehole to access the water. The cost is sufficient due to the amount of equipment being used. Water is available just below the surface, but it contains Cholera and Bilharzia diseases that can cause many health complications including death. Deep holes must be dug to access the water so it can be safely purified. 

Educational Needs

AGI believes that every child in Zambia deserves a proper education and an opportunity to graduate from school. AGI has already began shipping school supplies to the country and will continue to do this for years to come. These school supplies include the following: Book, pencils, markers, computer monitors, notebooks, and paper. AGI is in the beginning stages of developing a relationship with the Ministry of Education in Zambia. AGI will work alongside the government and find ways to assist them with building education centers and bringing various forms of technology that will improve a child's education. Providing a quality education to a child will not only help them become successful, but it will improve their quality of life. This will also give them an opportunity to get out of poverty. Educational practices are always changing, and it is imperative for the organization to stay ahead of the curve.

Humanitarian Aid

We have already assisted many villages throughout Zambia with funding to build much-needed projects that will enhance the quality of life. Some of the projects that we have completed are the construction of chicken houses. AGI will construct projects such as piggery's, cattle farms, and dairy farms all throughout Zambia. AGI will work with villages to sustain cooperatives and a self-sustaining business.


AGI takes donations of all sorts and ships them once there is enough to fill a 55 gallon barrel. These items include the following: Medications, clothes, food, toys, and books.



AGI provides healthcare needs to the people of Zambia living in poverty. This includes providing medications and tending to the sick. Providing healthcare for people will always be beneficial to a nation. This will improve the quality of life for the people and bring them hope.


If medical assistance is needed in a village that requires treatment other than over the counter medications, this will only be conducted by volunteers that are selected by the AGI's Board of Directors. These volunteers will include the following: medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, and medical assistants. Criminal background checks will be conducted on every medical volunteer to ensure the integrity of AGI. An example of this type of mission would be a village that may have a large presence of individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. 


Protection for Mission Groups

AGI will utilize officers with Zambia Police to protect mission groups if requested. Having this new relationship with Zambia Police, will allow them to hire police officers to protect mission groups, missionaries, medical workers, donors, and general workers while they are in the country. Due to the poverty levels in the country, some of the areas can be potentially dangerous for foreign visitors.  


This permission has already been granted to AGI by the Zambia Police leadership. Any payment made to the officers will be approved by the Board of Directors prior, including an inquiry with OFAC in regard to the officers hired. The officers hired must be in good standing with Zambia Police and not have any discipline reprimands.

Law Enforcement Training

AGI will provide training pertaining to American law enforcement techniques. This training will provide and empower officers in Zambia to be more effective when addressing crime while at the same time, keeping the citizens they serve safer. AGI will teach the officers about the importance of community policing and developing a positive relationship with the citizens they serve. Due to the distrust between the citizens and the police, many crimes go unreported. Therefore, criminals get away with victimizing people, especially women and children. AGI is an advocate for community policing and believes that it takes the police and the citizens working together to combat crime. One of the commanders for Zambia Police is a current board member for AGI/Zambia. He has been crucial with assisting AGI to get all of the necessary permits and permissions to operate in the country.


Construction of Suitable Housing

Many villagers including children that live in the bush of Zambia, do not have suitable housing. Due to the lack of funding and employment opportunities, some villagers are unable to build themselves a home. Members of AGI will visit villages throughout the country and determine who needs the houses the most on a case-by-case basis. When funding is available, we will provide funds to purchase the necessary items to construct these homes.

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