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Archangel Group Internation (AGI) is not only a U.S based non-profit corporation, but it is also a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) with the Registar of Community Development and Social Services in Zambia. This allows members of AGI/United States to operate in Zambia under a work permit and for the organization to raise financial support from all over the world. This also adds an extra layer of security to ensure that funds are properly being used for intended projects. At no time will any funds be sent to anyone other than a member of AGI unless approved by the board of directors from both the United States and Zambia. All projects are overseen by AGI members, including the disbursement of funds.

As President of AGI/Zambia, Dr. Douglas Sakuwaha will oversee the organization on a daily basis. He is a highly educated Zambian nationalist who speaks seven languages and is respected by the Zambian people. His skillset has helped AGI navigate through barriers including a multitude of languages and many cultural barriers that exist in the country. AGI has personal made up of American and Zambian citizens. Mack will be the vice-president of the NGO and remain as president of AGI/USA.

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